Goin' Deep EP

by Valiant Bastards

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We're in there!


released October 20, 2016

Produced by Brown Cloud Records



all rights reserved


Valiant Bastards Portland, Oregon

Valiant Bastards is a project that was created for the sole purpose to forge an energetic and diverse style of heavy metal. With musical influence ranging from jazz, heavy metal and thrash, we have made a band with a good mixture. We feel that good soulful metal needs to make a comeback. We aspire to make music that will make you think and also leave you bruised and battered in the pit! ... more

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Track Name: Martial Law
Martial law declared upon us all
Your humanity is stripped away
A rogue state with no remorse to kill
A nameless force that takes control

Power exceeds the law
The wealthy exempt from fault
Roped into a steel cage
The new world order has begun

Mass graves for those now deceased
Thrown into a pit of disease
They feed you lies to keep you sane
Your death will expand their reign.

Denial keeps their secrets safe
While they destroy the human race
Smoke and gas to keep you subdued
The fall of man will soon ensue
Track Name: Cull The Weak
Cull The Weak

Lurking in the shadows, preying on the weak
Unsuspecting innocents, havoc I must wreak
The souls of the scared and frail, They beckon to me
Their humanity I must take, to set them free

Carve a path of destruction, BLOODY THE TRAIL
Cut down those who oppose, I MUST PREVAIL
Pathetic lives brought to halt, AS THE END DRAWS NEAR
I epitomize your darkest thoughts, ALL THAT YOU FEAR

I was spawned by the fires of hell, the demon's blade I wield
Awakened by the undead lich, my only purpose to kill
Your mortal blood fuels my rage, setting me on path
You will fall beneath my sword, now feel my wrath

Your world has been destroyed, now I take what's mine
I will feast upon your souls, until the end of time
Summoned to decimate, all your worthless lives
Forever banished to this hell, it is here you will die.
Track Name: War On Peace
War On Peace

Selling your soul for a license to kill
Do you think what you're doing is right?
Murdering innocents, torturing informants
Was it worth the price?
Lies and deceit upon the minds enslaved
Don't know what to believe
They'll break you down and corrupt your mind
Prepare for ritual sacrifice

Lights the sky
Paths to fly

Living your life like a roll of the dice
Constantly on guard
You try to fight but they throw you down
Death to all mankind
The American dream is so far from reach
You cannot fight back
Justice served by an iron fist
Destroying all you know

Now that you've seen all that they've done
Grotesque actions of war
Everything precious in your life
Now forever gone
Leaders of this great land
Betraying what they know
But there's one thing that they can't take
Freedom never dies